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”Many of our employees are also farmers, including the company's president, Christoph F. Meier who has over 35 years experience in Biodynamic and Organic farming in Europe and the USA”

BANANAS:Biodynamic Bananas and Organic Bananas. MANGOES: Varieties: Haden, Tommy Atkins, Keith. VARIOUS PRODUCTS: Persian lemmons grown in the valley of Jarabacoa and ginger produced by small cooperative growers in the Haitises area.
COCONUTS: Cultivation is extensive / semi wild. DRIED FRUITS: Bananas and Mangoes solar-technology dried.
All growers and the various processing facilities are regularly inspected by independent certifying agencies, organic by IMO (Switzerland), and biodynamic by Demeter International. This provides independent controls and guarantee to consumers that our products are grown according to Organic and Biodynamic farming methods.
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